About Us

The Blue Bird Circle Mission Statement

A circle of volunteers providing hope, love, and healing to children with neurological disorders.



Founded by a group of 15 young women in Houston, Texas

Moved into the new Methodist Hospital to help children with neurological disorders

Established The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center to provide funding for scientific and clinical research, which resulted in the 1999 discovery of the gene that causes Rett Syndrome

Established The Blue Bird Circle Developmental Neurogenetics Laboratory, attaining national and international recognition for genetic exploration and gene discoveries related to epilepsy

Affiliated with Texas Children’s Hospital

Moved into the new Texas Children’s Hospital Clinical Care Center, seeing more than 20,000 patients annually, making the Clinic one of the largest of its kind in the world

Established The Blue Bird Circle Clinical Research Center at Texas Children’s Hospital, where the Center takes basic research discoveries into clinical trials giving renewed hope to the young patients who suffer from devastating neurological disorders

Presented $2,000,000 to Texas Children’s Hospital to establish The Blue Bird Circle Endowed Chair for Pediatric Neurology and the Neurosciences, which is one of only four endowed pediatric neurology chairs in the country

The Blue Bird Circle Clinical Research Center was chosen as one of three centers in the US for infusion of enzyme directly into the brain to treat a form of Batten’s Disease


First Dedicated Pediatric Neuro Intensive Care Monitoring Opened as Part of TCH Legacy Tower Opening


The Blue Bird Circle House and Shop underwent a major renovation to upgrade its facilities and infrastructure.  As a result, shoppers have a modern shopping experience.


Opening of the Mitochondrial Disorders Clinic in the BBC Neurology Clinic – Focused Multidisciplinary clinic for patients to receive comprehensive care including genetics, neurology, palliative care, and other subspecialties.



The Blue Bird Circle Shop from 1975