The Blue Bird Circle
Supporting Pediatric Neurology

Exciting Days Ahead for The Blue Bird Circle Shop!

In September of this year The Blue Bird Circle Shop embarked on a major renovation of our building both inside and outside. We are excited and hopeful that you will appreciate our new look and continue supporting our mission to make a difference in the lives of children affected by neurological disorders.

The Shop will now be reopening in January 2020 which allows us to have everything ready for you. So, hold your consignments and donations a little longer as we will announce on our website when we will resume our consignment and donations procedures early next year.

We appreciate your patience as we take care of the details. Our volunteers and staff will be so glad to see you in our beautifully redesigned building! Thank you for supporting The Blue Bird Circle Shop for over 96 years!

Happy Holidays!

The Blue Bird Circle

The Blue Bird Circle is a unique organization of women volunteering to support pediatric neurology.

Through the revenue generated by its volunteer-run resale shop and other fundraising activities, The Blue Bird Circle donates over $1M each year to support The Blue Bird Circle Clinic for Pediatric Neurology and The Blue Bird Circle Clinical Research Center at Texas Children’s Hospital, The Blue Bird Circle Developmental Neurogenetics Laboratory and The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center.

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