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The Blue Bird Circle 2017 Fall Luncheon and Speaker

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Houston Country Club

Guest Speaker: Henry Winkler

“The Fonz” – Henry Winkler is an award-winning actor and entertainer, having received two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and three Emmy nominations. He has a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and “Fonzie’s leather jacket and lunchbox are in the Smithsonian. Henry Winkler is also a Best-Selling author of the series of children’s novels, Hank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Under-Achiever. The books are inspired by Henry Winkler’s educational struggles due to his learning challenges. They have been on the New York Times and Los Angeles Times Best Seller lists.

  Henry Winkler  


Table Seating

 The Fonz                                $10,000
    Premier seating + 10 tickets to VIP Reception

Jailhouse Rock                      $5,000
      Preferred seating + 6 tickets to VIP Reception

Rock Around the Clock         $3,000
 Prime seating + 4 tickets to VIP Reception

At the Hop                               $1,500
   Special seating + 2 tickets to VIP Reception


Individual Ticket

Good Golly, Miss Molly          $1,000
General Seating + 1 ticket to VIP Reception

Now Playing – Yakety Yak   $500
General Seating + 1 ticket To VIP Reception

Beauty School Dropout       $300
General Seating + 1 ticket To VIP Reception

Wake Up Little Susie         $150
General Seating

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