2013 Blue Bird Circle Gala

Join us as we honor Dr. Mark W. Kline for his support of The Blue Bird Clinic for Pediatric Neurology.


Dear Friends of the Blue Bird Circle,

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also the love of humanity – Hippocrates

On Friday October 18, 2013 The Blue Bird Circle will honor Mark W. Kline, M.D., recognized worldwide for his selfless dedication to children’s health.

Dr. Kline founded the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital in 1996 and led the organization in establishing a network of children’s health centers that provide medical and preventative services worldwide. Dr. Kline has received numerous awards, including the Jefferson Award, honoring him for outstanding personal acts that have made positive impacts on communities and have helped thousands in the spirit of public service.

His experience in the global medical community has given him a unique perspective to the opportunities and challenges in healthcare today. As Physician–in–Chief of Texas Children’s Hospital and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Kline’s commitment is to excellence in patient care, education, research, and innovation that will enhance the healthcare of millions of children over the coming years.

Dr. Kline’s vision and The Blue Bird Circle’s mission are one and the same – to promote the well being of humanity through the betterment of the community.  Our Clinics and Centers continue to reach more children with his help.

“Dr. Kline’s enthusiastic support of neurology has been unwavering and has allowed us to double the number of outstanding physicians, to more than double the number of patients seen in The Blue Bird Clinic, and to increase the number of research protocols and grants by fivefold. It has been on his watch that we have completed the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurologic Research Institute and initiated The Blue Bird Circle Clinical Research Center.”

Dr. Gary Clark, Chief of Neurology, Texas Children’s Hospital

As we honor Dr. Kline, the Circle graciously requests your financial support for the Gala, our principal annual fundraiser.  Your support will have a direct impact on the lives of children affected by neurological disorders. Please join us on Friday, October 18, 2013 at River Oaks Country Club as a Gala Sponsor.

It will be a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing and a true celebration of life and hope.

Sincerely yours,



Rhonda Jones, Gala Chairman           Jan Rhodes, Gala Chairman

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